Academic Performance


 Way to go Travis Tornados! All your hard worked has paid off. We received 5 out of 6 Distinctions in the State Accountability for the 2013-2014 school year!

Our Distinctions:




*Top 25% in closing performance gaps

*Post academic performance

If you would like to check out the official forms, click on "State Accountability Distinctions" in our Quick Link section.


Lexia Core5 is a program we have here at Travis that students can use at school and at home. This is a GREAT website for your student to develop their reading skills. This program adapts itself to your child's individual reading needs. Add Lexia a few minutes a day to your child's homework time and watch your child excel in reading, phonics, and grammar. Visit for more info. You will need your  child's teacher's email, Student Username and Student Password to login. If you have any questions, please contact the school or your child's teacher. There is also a free iPad App. Search for Lexia Core 5 in the App Store. 

We cannot stress enough the importance of our students education. Not only is it important for our students to do the work and participate in the classroom, but they must be in the classroom to accomplish this. School attendance is a state requirement in the State of Texas. We understand students will get sick and family emergencies can happen. Please call the school if your child will be absent with the appropriate reason for the absent. Please send any DRs note to the office within 5 school days of the absent. Any student out for more then 3 days sick will require to bring in a DRs note. 

Please check this link to our District's Attendance page for more information regarding the State of Texas laws for attendance and  military block leave requests.