Rebekkah Prawel
Mrs. PrawelMy name is Rebekkah Prawel and I am your child's Special Education teacher. I have been teaching since 2007 in the general education and special education classroom. I have a Bachelor's in Education from Arizona State University and a Master's in Education from University of Phoenix. I am dual certified in Texas for EC-6 and Special Education K-12.

This year in our Structured Learning Unit Classroom, I am excited to share that your child will be learning very important social skills, academic skills, and behavioral skills. The classroom is organized in a way that provides structured learning activities, opportunities to build independence, social skills practice, and positive behavioral supports.

If you have any questions please feel free to schedule a conference by calling 915-236-6200, or email me at My conference time is 10:30-11:15 daily.


Rebekkah Prawel
Special Education Teacher, SLU
Travis Elementary School